Gaia (Earth) Inspired™ Programme 

At Nature Preschool, we follow the Gaia (Earth) principle, philosophy and practices, which also guides our values and outcomes. Gaia values help to guide children to develop respect for, and awareness of, our local environment and the community that we are part of.  

What you would expect to see from our daily and weekly routines:

Our outdoor classroom – includes taking our children to explore outside the boundaries of Natures Preschool. Some activities that we provide in our outdoor classroom may include:

  • Tree climbing and making obstacle courses
  • Nature walks
  • Hut building
  • Imaginary play and games
  • Nature arts and crafts
  • Sustainability and learning about our local environment
  • Mud play.

It has been shown that nature-based play helps children with:

  • Developing independence
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Resilience
  • Self-confidence
  • Respect and awareness for the environment
  • Responsible attitudes towards risk
  • Building up stamina
  • Being happier, calmer and feeling at peace.

We also offer lots of natural resources and open spaces to explore both inside and outside our kindergarten.

Our experienced and qualified teachers work closely with our children to encourage and extend their learning. Play-based learning in nature will give your child the privilege and opportunity to explore, problem-solve and collaborate alongside others. By teaching your child skills to assess risk in a safe environment and context, and with the guidance of our teachers, this will help build confidence, trust and resilience – all valuable life-long skills that our children have before they start primary school. 

We have a strong sense of community and really value the relationships we have with our families and the wider community.